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    Laurie Anderson A mouse in a trap takes a long time to realize he’s in a trap. After that something in him never stops trembling. -John Berger I am writing this in Athens where I am working at the moment. Right outside my window is the Parthenon, or what’s left of it, up on the […]


    « If You Depict a Bird, Give It Space to Fly »: On Mind, Meditation, and Art, by Eleanor Rosch, Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley. « No Title » by Marcia Tucker, Writer, Lecturer, and Founding Director, The New Museum, New York « Death is the Mother of Beauty » by Ken McLeod, executive director of Unfettered Mind, a […]

  • Reading as a Buddhist

    by Linda Bamber My topic is reading as a Buddhist, and my focus is American poetry. But maybe all reading — all absorbed and impassioned reading, that is — is reading as a Buddhist, whether you’re a Buddhist or not. Describing himself reading Proust said, I only feel myself living … where I find nothing […]


    Death is the Mother of Beauty © Ken McLeod, 2001 The title of this paper is taken from the poem Sunday Morning by Wallace Stevens. The end of building is ruin. The end of meeting is parting. The end of accumulation is dispersal. The end of birth is death. Our human heritage is a clear […]

  • Not Fast Enough: Looking at Engagement

    By Suzanne Lacy INTRODUCTION « I’ve seen enough to know that we’ve got it good, » belts out the male country-and-western singer, pausing to inhale, suspended momentarily before the next phrase. Baam! I hit the snooze alarm and try to pretend I haven’t really moved, haven’t awakened, squeeze my eyes shut. Failing, I wonder too late: « What […]


    Kay Larson The mise-en-scene: The Buddha has just entered the realm of realization known as anuttara-samyak-sambodhi, absolute supreme enlightenment. He is in the land of Magadha, the site of true awareness. If we join him silently, peering over his shoulder, we see that the ground beneath his feet is made entirely of diamonds, adorned with […]

  • Sip My Ocean: Emptiness as Inspiration

    Mark Epstein, M.D. There are a few men from whom their contemporaries do not withhold admiration, although their greatness rests on attributes and achievements which are completely foreign to the aims and ideals of the multitude….One of these exceptional few calls himself my friend in his letters to me. I had sent him my small […]


    NO TITLE © Marcia Tucker, 2001 [Artifacts suggest] that the imagination is bound up with compassion; that the imagination has an inherent tendency toward largesse and excess; that the work of the imagination is not here and there, now on, now off, but massive, continuous, and ongoing; that the imagination forfeits its own immunity and […]


    « If You Depict a Bird, Give It Space to Fly »: On Mind, Meditation, and Art Eleanor Rosch Department of Psychology University of California, Berkeley « We are led to believe a lie When we see with and not through the eye. » (William Blake) « Feeling is a rebound or echo from contact [contact between a sense organ […]